Project management

Specifications, budgets, planning

Development, tests, production support

Embedded hardware development

schematic, layout support, prototype, tests

Our goal : from prototype to final product in only 2 hardware steps

Embedded software C++ development

C, C++ firmware within real time operating systems

Softwares on PC

in C#

Software and hardware validation

EBB establishes the test plan with the development team, execute it and writes a test report

Railway EMC tests guidance

Radiated and conducted disturbances, ESD, Surges, EFT, temperature, shock and insulation tests, vibration test, voltage dips and variations test,....

PCB tests and Repair

After a short explanation about the product, and with the schematics, we are able to test or repair it

PCB prototype and small production

Min 10, max 100 pieces

Production tests

EBB establishes the test plan and controls the first tests of the product


Technical manual, User manual, assembly manual, ... in french and english

Military standards


Possibilities of translation of Technical manual, User manual, assembly manual to other languages such as dutch, german,....


Preparation and presentation of technical trainings in french, english and dutch